About me

I have been working in healthcare for over twentyfive years and continue to do so alongside my counselling practice. I have been working has a therapist for over 15 years. I began my counselling training in 2006 and worked as a volunteer counsellor for Northpoint (formally Leeds Counselling) for seven years before starting my own practice at the beginning of 2014.

I know that good counselling can support us to bring about positive change in our lives and I very much enjoy what I do.

I believe we all benefit from having a healthy life work balance, so for this reason I make sure I spend time in the fresh air as often as possible and roll out my yoga mat regularly. I also have a committed mindfulness practise.

What clients say about working with me

“I would like to say how relieved I was that the counselling was a success due to me making a big step in seeking help for my issues.”

“Claire was a true professional at all times and a real pleasure to be around and to work with. She focussed on areas that I found tough but showed compassion and friendliness allowing me to be more open about my issues”

“I really was unsure what to expect from my sessions and did find my first couple hard, however Claire was very aware of this and made me feel at ease and was very understanding”