Why counselling?

Maybe you are struggling in a relationship that does not seem to be working, or having difficulty at work or are out of work, maybe someone close to you has died or you are struggling as a parent. Or maybe nothing big is happening to you right now. Maybe you just feel flat, stuck, depressed or lost, unable to shake off a nagging voice that something is not quite right and that life is not going quite the way you wish it would. Maybe you feel you are existing, going through the motions and waiting for a future to begin in which you will feel better.

We can get stuck in a rut in our lives, taking care of other people at the expense of ourselves, working too hard, eating or drinking too much. It can feel like the same things keep happening to us time and time again and we come up against the same problems and change feels impossible.

If we want to make changes in our lives then we need support to do so. Counselling can be one such source of support. Counselling can give you some time and space to really listen to yourself. To work yourself out. To understand yourself better. Sometimes this is hard to do on your own and finding a counsellor you can work with means you will have the support and encouragement to stick at it even when it is hard.